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These 8 short films by Dr Suzanne Zeedyk show babies’ innate ability to connect.

They make a great tool for presentations and training events.

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These 8 short films, narrated by Suzanne Zeedyk,  show babies’ innate ability to connect with other people.

They deepen an appreciation of the ordinary, fleeting moments in which connection is always occurring.

We call the films ‘dances’ in order to highlight the way that all interactions between two people are a kind of dance. The science of infancy is helping us to map the rhythms and movements of that dance, and to understand how the smoothness of the dance between a baby and his/her carers has an impact on the long-term development of the baby’s brain, emotional well being, and health. All of our connected baby resources are grounded in that science.

The style of the films will suit a wide range of settings: professional presentations, classroom lectures, group discussions, and family viewing at home.

The length of each film is 15 minutes or less, which is what makes them a great training tool. Each film shows the interaction twice, first narrated and then without interruption, so that you are better able to spot modes of connection.

The films come as a 2-DVD set.

You can see trailers for each of the films here:

dance of the stranger

dance of the big brother

dance of the circles

dance of the steps

dance of the snacks

dance of the drunken sailor

dance of the delight

dance of the teddy bear

We hope you will find something here to pique your curiosity and inspire your regard for the power of relationships.

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2 reviews for Dances of Connection Films

  1. Dr. Claudia Gold, Paediatrican and author, USA

    Suzanne Zeedyk beautifully captures the way in which ordinary events, from crawling to dressing, are emotional experiences that occur within relationships. Her films show the connected baby that is capable of complex communication from birth. They convey the wealth of knowledge emerging from neuroscience showing that brains grow in relationships.

  2. Sue Gerhardt, Psychotherapist and author of Why Love Matters

    These films are magical. By looking closely at the everyday exchanges between parents and their babies, Suzanne Zeedyk reveals a hidden world of meaning. She shows us how ordinary moments of interaction are full of interest and emotion.

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