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Our feature length film shows reveals babies’ innate connection to others.

Babies arrive already tuned in to other people’s body rhythms, vocal tones and movements.  This makes them much more communicative and sophisticated than we often realise.

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This film give us remarkable insights into babies’ capacities.  Seeing them presented so vividly moves viewers in unexpected ways.  That makes the film well suited to a range of purposes:

  • professional training
  • presentations
  • classroom lectures
  • public screenings
  • group discussions
  • parenting support groups
  • gift for friends and family members

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The DVD is region free.  It will play equally well on PAL (European) and NTSC (American) equipment.

This film was co-produced with filmmaker Jonathan Robertson.

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  1. Professor Colwyn Trevarthen, Emertius Professor of Child Psychology & Psychobiology, University of Edinburgh

    This film is beautifully made, a mind opener in our rational age. Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk builds on the scientific evidence that babies are persons from the start. The film will inspire viewers to reflect on the innate wisdom of babies and to value the joy they bring when in our company.

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