connected baby is the vision of Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk.  As a developmental psychologist and research scientist, she is fascinated by the many topics that make up the Science of Connection.  She believes that everyone deserves to share in the discoveries that scientists are making about the importance of relationships.  connected baby brings that science to life.

When she says everyone, that’s exactly who she means: mums, dads, grans, grandads, early years staff, teachers, lawyers, social workers, doctors, musicians, stroller designers, politicians and everybody else not on that list.  Human beings can’t be happy or healthy without connection to other people.  That’s how we’re biologically wired.  We can’t thrive on our own.  It matters that everybody gets a chance to understand this.

It matters because modern society is more likely to drive disconnection than connection.  Technology, time, policies, politics — they often seem to push us apart rather than bring us together.  Suzanne thinks that the more we understand about why relationships matter, the better chance we have of paying attention to the small things that make them tick.  She brought together a small team of talented folk who could find creative ways to talk about the why.

Connection to each other, connection to the earth. That’s all there is.

We're glad to be part of a worldwide community trying to create more of both.