Tigers & Teddies Nursery Series – Partings & Reunions


The series contains three streamed videos of partings and reunions in nursery, ranging from 8 to 20 minutes in length.

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Partings and reunions are the most important moments in a child’s day at nursery.  These are big transitions, and they often carry more emotional complexity than we realise.  What behaviours might we look out for that can tell us what a child is feeling and what they need help with?  That is the question explored in this video series.   Dr Suzanne Zeedyk narrates real life drop-offs and pick-ups, offering detailed insights that just aren’t possible in the hustle and bustle of an ordinary nursery day.  The series contains three streamed videos, ranging from 8 to 20 minutes in length.  The films will be helpful for early years staff keen to improve their practice, as well as for parents of young children enrolled in nursery. You will leave with a better understanding of children’s Sabre Tooth Tiger Moments and ideas about how you can foster the Teddy Bear Moments that build emotional resilience.

3 reviews for Tigers & Teddies Nursery Series – Partings & Reunions

  1. Heather Munro, Early Years SVQ Assessor

    This resource is steeped in learning and development. The films show moments of magic that are so easily missed. Really brilliant.

  2. Jenn Knussen, Primary Headteacher

    As soon as I saw these, I knew we needed to get our nursery team to watch them. I was blown away by the wee bit where the baby making fleeting eye contact with the staff, but is only able to sustain that when his reconnection with his mum is secure. This is truly meaningful observation. I’m very excited by how much my team will learn from these videos.

  3. Donna Adams, Nursery Manager

    I think these are fantastic resources to get early years teams thinking about how they are doing partings and reunions. They will help parents to really think about how these moments feel too.

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