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Book Launch – the connected baby guide to attachment

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ConnectedBaby-16052020-Events-STTTB-Book-LaunchOur Guide to Attachment has been newly revised and we’re ready to launch it!  You are invited to join us for the on-line party to mark this moment.  We’ll hear from the author, Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk, as well as some of those whose stories and photos are included in this new edition of Sabre Tooth Tigers and Teddy Bears.  Be sure to bring along your teddy and a glass of fresh orange to raise for a virtual toast!  You can even blow up any spare balloons you might have lying about the house, because we really want the occasion to feel celebratory, despite this time of coronavirus.  Should you wish to pre-order the book, we’ll get it to you in time for the party, already signed by Suzanne!   All you need to do to join us is sign up on this link, and we’ll see you on 16th May: .