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Tigers and Teddies Live

Tigers & Teddies Live! Rupture & Repair

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Join us for the last event in summer series Tigers & Teddies Live!  Gary Robinson will be showing off the last of his bow ties, in the role of chair.  Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk will be back, as author of the book that sparked the series, ‘Sabre Tooth Tigers & Teddy Bears: The connected baby guide to attachment’.  This week’s topic gives us a hint of the topics to come in future books, as we explore the cycle of Rupture and Repair..

We’ll meet Dr. Claudia Gold, our first international guest in this series.  Based in Boston, USA, Claudia is a paediatrician steeped in the importance of relationships and listening.  She argues in all her work for the need for professionals to listen to parents, supporting them so that they are better placed to listen to their children, right from birth.  Claudia is the author of four books, which you can read about on her website:

It is her most recent book, just published in Summer 2020, that brings her as a guest to our series.  Her newest book, The Power of Discord, is all about the Rupture-Repair Cycle, about which Suzanne frequently speaks in her own work.  Co-authored with leading infant theorist, Dr. Edward Tronick, the book bring a message that is hugely comforting to all parents.  It explores the large body of research confirming that discord within parent-child relationships is common.  You do not have to be a perfect parent!  In fact, it is moments of discord that drive the development of trust within a relationship – as long as the discord leads to resolution.   Suzanne is known for putting that idea this way:  Making up is more important than messing up.

Suzanne is really excited to be able to share Claudia’s wisdom with a wider public.  We’ll be amongst the first groups celebrating her new book in the UK!  So we might get you all to bring along another glass to toast its success!  We started the series with a toast, so why not end it that way!

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