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Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk

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Fierce Curiosity Conversation Series: Status

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Suzanne’s written pieces are intended to intrigue attendees and to get the conversation off to an energetic start. She is keen to hear what you all have to say in response! Please join her for this unique, one-off conversation on the power of Fierce Curiosity to shine a light on the ways that a yearning for status shapes the decisions we take as parents.

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Celebrating 10 Years of the Science of Connection with Suzanne Zeedyk

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In June 2021, Suzanne Zeedyk marks TEN YEARS since she set off on a journey to tell the public about the Science of Connection. Please join Suzanne and her guests for a celebration of that landmark! We’ll hear from colleagues across a range of sectors who can tell inspiring stories of the ways in which they’ve put the science to work – with police, teachers, theatre artists, business, parents and more. Her trusted compatriot Gary Robinson will be there to oversee festivities, and we’ll get a sneak peek of the new developments Suzanne has in store. The event is FREE and ONLINE, so that means friends from around the world can join in. Please be sure to BRING A GLASS of your favourite tipple, so that we can together raise a toast to the next 10 years. Can’t wait to welcome you!

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Tigers and Teddies Live

Tigers & Teddies Live! Trauma-Informed Schools

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Join us for the next on-line event in our summer series Tigers & Teddies Live! It will be chaired by Gary Robinson, wearing another of his famous bow ties, and Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk, author of the book that sparked the series, ‘Sabre Tooth Tigers & Teddy Bears: The connected baby guide to attachment’, published earlier in May 2020.  This week’s topic is Trauma-Informed Schools.

We’ll be meeting the three headteachers whose story is told in the book.  We’ll learn how they developed the Teddy Bear Policies that have made such a difference to children’s ability to emotionally regulate at their schools: : St Joseph’s RC Primary, St John the Baptist RC Primary, and Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary.   As schools come out of lockdown, we need to be doing as much thinking as possible about children’s need for relationships and reassurance.  This is a great time to learn from the practical wisdom of these three enthusiastic headteachers.

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