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Tigers & Teddies Live! Connection in care homes

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Tigers and Teddies LiveTigers & Teddies Live is back with our second series!  These conversations grew out of our new book ‘Sabre Tooth Tigers and Teddy Bears’, written by developmental psychologist Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk.  She’ll be with us, knitting together insights across all our topics.  And chair Gary Robinson will be back too, showing off his latest bow ties.

In this episode, we’ll explore a sensitive topic we’ve heard lots about during COVID restrictions: care homes.  We’ll hear from two musical sisters, Fiona Larkin and Siobhan Argyle, about the creative ways they have found to connect with their father, even through his window.  Dr Maggie Ellis will join us to reflect on the many opportunities there are for emotional connection in care homes, even with residents whose dementia has reached advanced stages.  We hope the practical ideas shared by these guests will encourage those of you seeking ways to connect with your loved ones living in care homes during these uncertain times.

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