The Little Iceberg


Our team at connected baby is thrilled to bring you our first children’s book!

The Little Iceberg tells a metaphoric story of hope and loss, revealing the healing power of friendship and belonging. We’ve brought together a great team in author Nicky Murray and illustrator Sylvia Lynch.

The storybook comes with a Companion Guide that makes sure you don’t miss the clues as to how you can children struggling with sadness or trauma.

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Our team at connected baby is thrilled to bring you our very first children’s book!

The Little Iceberg tells a story of hope and loss, revealing the healing power of friendship and belonging. We’ve brought together a great team with author Nicky Murray and illustrator Sylvia Lynch.

The book is accompanied by a Guide that helps adults better understand how to support children in moments of fear, distrust and anger. Every page of the story points to small actions adults can take to help children coping with trauma. The Guide elaborates on those ideas.

Dr. Karen Treisman, international trauma specialist, has this to say about the book:

“A sensitive and moving story…A wondering addition to the world of trauma and relationships.”

Keen to know even more about the story? Here’s a taster from the back cover:

“The little iceberg holds a secret. She not just cold and lonely. She’s frightened too. It is a little bird, singing songs of compassion, who helps her find a place of belonging. This is the metaphoric story of a child who is able to embark on a journey of healing because she no longer has to cope with loss and trauma on her own.”

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16 reviews for The Little Iceberg

  1. Jennifer Fraser

    Thank you for The Little Iceberg. It is amazing. My daughter loves it, and I can’t wait to use it with my class.

  2. Anna Shimmield, Primary School Teacher

    Thank you for this book! It spoke to me as a person who lost someone close to me without a goodbye, and also as a practitioner and a book lover. I think it will be a very valuable tool when supporting families and the children that I teach. Simply beautiful.

  3. Joanne Hogan

    This story book will speak directly to many children. it may be very likely that the Companion Guide will speak directly to their parents. It makes the science endearing, and I love the science getting to everyone.

  4. Knightsridge Primary School, West Lothian

    We are so excited to introduce this beautiful book to every child. A meaningful story that will resonate with all, beautifully illustrated. A valuable resource as we move forward.

  5. Bonnybroom Nursery, Glasgow

    So…I’ve just opened it to start reading and this book is LUSH! It feels beautiful and sumptuous. It’s smooth and glossy. It has brought me joy, I feel spoiled and I haven’t even read the story yet!! …and now I’ve read it. The story is simple yet complex. The book can be used with children, families and as a staff training tool. The Companion Guide is an excellent addition. Easy to read and understand. Great to help with planning our recovery curriculum. Well done everyone and thank you. I am delighted to have a copy.

  6. Carol Thomson

    So pleased to have my copy of this beautifully illustrated story. The Companion Guide provides more depth, to ensure the many emotions around loss are not missed. Thank you.

  7. Deborah McAllister, Deputy Head, St Bride’s Primary School Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire

    Absolutely thrilled to receive my copy of ‘The Little Iceberg’. The Companion Guide is so valuable to deepen understanding about the themes of trauma and how to apply this understanding to begin a journey towards healing. Our school have bought copies for every class!

  8. Margaret Aitken

    This is a lovely meaningful story, beautifully illustrated and highlighting the importance of kindness. It will definitely be a valuable resource.

  9. West Yorkshire Child Therapy, Leeds

    Gorgeous delivery of this delicious book! Wonderful story, metaphors and illustrations from Nicky Murray and Sylvia Lynch. Thanks for the prompt delivery. I can’t wait to share this with the young people I work with.

  10. Lynburn Primary School, Nurture Classroom, Dunfermline

    Received and read my copy of The Little Iceberg. Healing on every page. A beautiful story. The illustrations are enchanting. Accompanied by a fab Companion Guide. Possibly the best non-threatening storybook to support the recovery of trauma.

  11. Liam, Member of a Kinship Care Family

    I just love this book. In the few days since I received it, I have read it four times (twice with my niece), and each time I appreciate the layers of understanding more. The story, the metaphors, the imagery, and the illustrations are so so beautifully resonating. The Little iceberg IS my niece. This book has really helped me to be able to see her behaviours from a place of curiosity and compassion and to feel hope. Hope is perhaps the most heartening message within the book – that although ‘challenging’ or ‘difficult’ behaviours are rooted in trauma and distress, recovery is possible.

    The Companion Guide is a wonderful addition that really helps unpick the metaphors and explore the key messages and themes, but most importantly HOW we can help our children. If you are a Kinship Carer, I can’t recommend this book and Companion Guide enough. What an incredible contribution to understanding trauma and what we can do to begin a journey of recovery with our children.

    The synergy between the storyline and it’s illustrations are stunning. My niece loves them!

  12. Thomas Lynch, Co-Founder of Dads Rock

    It can be hard, as adults and especially as men, to be vulnerable alongside our children. This book will be a great help for Dads when they need to talk with their children about loss and sadness.

  13. Hazel & Andy • Adoptive parents of a beloved son

    This is a beautifully written and illustrated book. It feels gentle and yet explores powerful themes that we can explore with our son and discuss together over time. This will be a treasured addition to our collection of books.

  14. Renee Clark, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

    This invaluable book projects playfulness, like a fairy tale, in which children can easily engage and work through the fear and anxiety of experiencing loss. The book helps adults who can understandably feel helpless in knowing what to do when a child is traumatised.

  15. Deborah McAllister •Deputy Head, St Bride’s Primary Cambuslang

    I absolutely love this beautiful story. It reminds us of the healing power of relationships. Parents and children and those who support them will find comfort and connection through the joy of sharing this book together.

  16. Callum • Age 9

    The rating I give this book is infinity out of infinity!! You feel safe when you see the rainbow.

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