Guide to Attachment


The connected baby guide to attachment by Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

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We will soon publish the brand new, second edition of our Attachment Guide!  It is due for release in April 2020!  The first edition was published in  2013, and we decided it was time for an update.

This Guide introduces readers to attachment – the need that all babies have to know that someone will share their fears and joys. It uses the analogy of  ‘Sabre Tooth Tigers & Teddy Bears’ to make the ideas that lie at the core of the attachment theory understandable for everyone.

The public often find insights into attachment to be compelling and sobering.  They gain unexpected glimpses into their earlier lives, and the relevance for policy decisions quickly becomes obvious. People frequently ask, “How come no one tells us this stuff?”  This guide is an attempt to tell more people about this stuff.

The guide is written in a style suited to both personal and professional interests. Parents will find the information in it as relevant to their lives as do nursery staff, childminders, health visitors, midwives, family support workers, teachers who work in professionals roles with children.

Written by developmental psychologist Dr Suzanne Zeedyk
Published:  April 2020  (Second edition)
80 pages.   14 chapters
Richly illustrated with photos
Includes suggested Further Reading

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3 reviews for Guide to Attachment

  1. Donna Adams, Manager, Lullaby Lane Nurseries

    This book is a must have for nurseries. We give it to all our families and to every new team member. We like sharing our knowledge of what attachment looks like in everyday practice.

  2. Craigmillar Books for Babies

    Every family we work with wants the best for their baby. When we gift them a copy of Sabre Tooth Tigers and Teddy Bears, they ask why this information isn’t more widely available.

  3. Helen, mum of 9-month-old Daniel

    Reading this booklet was amazing. It felt like Suzanne was explaining to me what my baby can’t say himself.

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