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All the training that connected baby offers is designed to nurture a better understanding of the science of connection. We are all born looking for relationships and love.

Our Masterclasses are a great example of training we offer. Here’s a look at our  connected baby Attachment Masterclass Series 2017:

The connected baby Masterclass Series gives participants the opportunity to think deeply about topics that lie at the heart of human connection. We bring you cutting-edge thinkers, skilled at helping us to see ourselves and society in a new light. The sessions always have a relaxed feel, with plenty of tea, coffee and pastries to hand! We limit attendance to a maximum of 25, making it easier for everyone to participate. It matters not whether your interest comes from a professional or personal perspective. Our Masterclasses are designed to be suitable for anyone. You need no previous knowledge of the topic – just bring your curiosity!


Attachment Masterclass Series 2017

In Glasgow with Dr Suzanne Zeedyk


Dr Suzanne Zeedyk
Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk is a developmental psychologist fascinated by babies’ inborn capacity to connect. She was, for 20 years, a research scientist based at the University of Dundee. In 2011 she founded an independent training enterprise, which allowed her to work more closely with the public, helping them to understand the discoveries science is making about the importance of relationships in all our lives. Since then, nearly 40,000 people have attended her training events. The two words most often used to describe her work are “thought-provoking” and “inspiring”.

Introduction to Attachment: Sabre Tooth Tigers & Teddy Bears

As human beings, we crave a sense of emotional safety. It is our attachment system that helped us discover how safety could be achieved within the particular family into which we were born. Those early biological patterns continue to influence us throughout life. This Masterclass is designed to give participants a confident understanding of attachment theory. It is particularly aimed at those who have not had a chance to hear Suzanne Zeedyk talk about attachment, using her metaphorical language of Sabre Tooth Tigers and Teddy Bears. You will leave the session reading human behaviour in a new way!


Advanced Attachment: Making sense of the theories

How many different ways are there to talk about attachment, and how do those theoretical models fit together? That’s the question we will explore in this Masterclass. It is suited to those who have a basic understanding of attachment theory and would like to deepen their understanding. We will knit together the language of secure attachment, trauma and stress, drawing on video material to bring these insights to life. There is no need for participants to have detailed knowledge of these various frameworks. Your curiosity is all you need to bring!


Adult Attachment: How early attachment patterns affect romance, work and dementia

In this Masterclass, we will explore the relation between infant attachment patterns and later adult life. Scientists have discovered fascinating links between these periods. We will look at the way attachment patterns influence our relationships with romantic partners and work colleagues, and then explore a very new area of research: how attachment anxiety shapes the behavioural symptoms of dementia. The session will be useful not only to those who are familiar with attachment theory, but also to those new to this topic.


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Always on a Saturday, 10.00 – 13.00:
16 September – Introduction
14 October – Advanced
11 November – Adulthood

Park Inn by Radisson, 139–141 West George St, Glasgow G2 2JJ