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All the training that connected baby offers is designed to nurture a better understanding of the science of connection. We are all born looking for relationships and love.

ACEs Workshops

Following the success of the 2017 Scottish Resilience Tour, connected baby is offering three follow-up ACEs workshops. They will be led by Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk, drawing on her expertise in attachment, trauma and connection.

Anyone is welcome to attend our workshops. They have a welcome, relaxed feel, and will draw on lots of discussion amongst participants. We limit attendance to 25, in order to facilitate that discussion. These workshops will suit both those who are new to the study of trauma and those who have already developed confidence in the topic. It doesn’t matter to us whether you come from personal or professional interest. What we value is your curiosity!


Finding your ACE Score – And making sense of it

16th September 2017

City Centre Glasgow

Been to a screening of Resilience? Keen to find out what your own ACE Score is, and to have space to think about what that means? Then this is the workshop for you! Participants will have a chance to calculate their own ACE Score, without any pressure to share your discovery. We will explore our scores in the context of resilience factors, helping participants to think about the protective factors that were present in your childhood alongside any ACEs. It is understanding the balance between stress and protective factors that help each us better understand who we turned out to be as adults. The ACEs movement is built on excitement about cultural change. The best place to start that change is with knowledge of yourself. This workshop promises a morning of self-discovery and hope.


Getting to grips with the evidence on ACEs – From 1998 to 2017

14th October 2017

City Centre Glasgow

The 2017 Resilience Tour got Scotland thinking about ACEs. If it left you eager to learn more about the evidence base for Adverse Childhood Experiences, this is the workshop for you! We will look more closely at the findings of the 1998 study – and we’ll also look at the discoveries made in follow-up studies since then. The original 10 ACEs include abuse, neglect and household dysfunction. Other ACEs identified since then include poverty, bereavement and community violence. If you are trying to determine how best to embed trauma awareness in policy and practice, confidence comes from understanding the evidence. This workshop offers you the chance to ensure your knowledge is up to date and that you are equipped to talk about the evidence base with others. You will leave with copies of key research papers, to make it easy to refer back to the details we cover.


Making sense of ACEs and attachment – How they come together as trauma

11th November 2017

City Centre Glasgow

Has the 2017 Resilience Tour left you keen to understand more about the biology of relationships and attachment? That’s a great question to ask, because Adverse Childhood Experiences arise out of relationship difficulties. The better we understand attachment processes, the more relational trauma begins makes sense – and the better equipped we are to help in our own or others’ recovery from trauma. This workshop will explore some of key relationship processes that we all draw on every day, unconsciously, when interacting with other people, including attachment styles, the rupture-repair cycle and interpersonal boundaries. We will make use of videos, diagrams and analogies to deepen our understanding. It doesn’t matter whether your curiosity arises from personal or professional questions, we aim for you to leave fascinated, confident and eager to share your knowledge with others.


With Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk
Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk is a developmental psychologist fascinated by babies’ inborn capacity to connect. She was, for 20 years, a research scientist based at the University of Dundee. In 2011 she founded an independent training enterprise, which allowed her to work more closely with the public, helping them to understand the discoveries science is making about the importance of relationships in all our lives. Since then, nearly 40,000 people have attended her training events. The two words most often used to describe her work are “thought-provoking” and “inspiring”.

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Always on a Saturday, 10.00 – 13.00:
16 September – Finding your ACE score
14 October – Getting to grips with the evidence on ACEs
11 November – Making sense of ACEs and attachment

Park Inn by Radisson, 139–141 West George St, Glasgow G2 2JJ