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dementia-connected-babyIt is common to believe that dementia can progress so far that it makes it almost impossible to ‘find’ the person inside.

It can seem as if they have disappeared entirely into their illness. Science is now helping us to understand that is not true.

Human beings are communicative, right from birth, and they remain so until the very end of life.

Our communicative nature is perhaps the characteristic most central to our humanity. This insight provides a basis for thinking deeply about how different periods of life — even those as ‘far apart’ as infancy and the elder years — are intertwined.

Indeed, science is now beginning to map common symptoms of dementia onto the attachment styles developed in childhood.

Understanding the physiology of connection is core to the functioning of human brains and bodies gives us a whole new way to approach the care and treatment of people with dementia.

Dr Maggie Ellis filmed by STV News November 2014.

Experts Make Dementia Communication Breakthrough – a simple approach to communicating with people with dementia is helping families retain an emotional bond with their loved ones.

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“How dementia helps us understand our common humanity” by Dr Maggie Ellis

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