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connected baby brings the science of connection to life. We really do mean to life – connected baby is all about creating connection.
We aim to help people understand that science and spread its message.

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I’m a parenting support worker in Perthshire and I wanted to let you know I use the film “dance with a stranger”, from your connected baby training DVDs, in my parenting programme. The parents always enjoy it.  We have great discussions about the content of the film. Its a great resource.

Yvonne Skillin – Parent Support Worker

The books have arrived and will ensure another layer of reflection from participants. I think that this may be a beneficial way of disseminating the learning after the inspiring training we’ve already had with you!

Fiona McMorrow – Early Years Locality Adviser

Super excited that my mum just got given your attachment book.  She is in the process of becoming a foster parent in Perth & Kinross. Apparently they now give it to all people considering fostering or adoption.  Its a wonderful read and has already started some great discussions about attachment in my house.

Joanne Greig – Big Fan

Sabre Tooth Tigers and Teddy Bears takes the huge, complex topic of attachment and manages to condense it into an accessible, informative and thought provoking book. It conveys the importance of positive relationships in the early years and beyond.

Anne Breen – Educational Psychologist

My brother in law has dementia and my sister has been living with it for 15 years. After reading “Rethinking Communication” I got on the phone to my sister it was the first time I was really able to discuss her situation at depth without feeling slightly guilty or slightly embarrassed or just plain awkward.

Pete – family member


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RT @BrownOpal58: “This insight provides a basis for thinking deeply about how two different periods of life -infancy and the elder years-ar…
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RT @UpstartScot: We've heard wonderful reports about the Hand-in Hand training at Secret Garden outdoor kindergarten in Fife. New series of…
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We love helping our followers to understand attachment and connection and we're even more delighted when you spread…
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